Lasko 2264QM Floor Fan: The Most Powerful Floor Fan?

When you hear the word floor fan, what word immediately comes into your mind? Industrial? Strong? Noisy? Vibration?

Yes, some of those words really describe a floor fan, but what is extremely fitting is the word powerful. Admit it: floor fans are your go-to fans when you need to get rid of smoke or a particular odor from a room.

The reason behind this is that its airflow is so strong that it can even knock out a light vase on top of a table. Some people even use a floor fan to quickly dry their hair compared to using a hairdryer. Others even put their items on top of it for quick drying.

Why is this the case? Again, floor fans are supposed to be powerful. Look at the Lasko 22264QM Floor Fan. With just a simple glance, you will see that it was built for power. The question now is that is it really that great?

Thus, we are going to scrutinize its features, and accordingly, we are going to list down the pros and cons of using it. Additionally, we are going to compare it to a similar product so that we can have a clash of the strong fans and by the end, hopefully, we would arrive at a decision regarding the most powerful floor fan in the market.

Ready to know if this fan is the most powerful? Then, keep reading.

Lasko 22264QM Floor Fan

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This floor fan looks like any other floor fan. It has that metal and industrial feel and look to it. The head is circular and can be adjusted, while the square base is directly connected to the head, with a bit of a bend at the middle.

Most of its parts are made of metal and the grilles are extremely spaced apart from each other. As for the controls, they are mounted at the front, and for you to switch from one fan speed to another, you have to turn a knob. In relation to this, it has three fan speed settings.

There is also a safeguard against fire, and this safety feature is what they call as Blue Plug patented fuse technology. What this does is to cut off any electric currents if the fan senses anomalies such as power outages, burnt out fuse, etc.

As for its other features, it also has a carry handle, and the bottom of the base has rubber pads to protect the surface. In terms of color, you can choose from Black 20, black HV 20, black wind 20, silver HV 20, and white wind 20.


  • Durable
  • No set up required
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Cannot be easily knocked over
  • Tilts are enough for proper angle adjustment
  • Strong and consistent airflow
  • Immediately cools down a room or space
  • Has a long cord compared to others
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not skid


  • Produces a bit of noise
  • Not best for houses with pets and children, as fingers or paws might get through the grille
  • Control panel has an awkward position
  • Hard to take off the grille
  • There is not much difference between low and medium fan speed
  • Plastic material easily comes off
  • Gets dirty easily

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The Lasko 22264QM Floor Fan is a powerful product that can be very versatile when put in different areas of the house. You will surely love this fan if you want a floor fan that has excellent airflow. We are talking about an airflow that will consistently let your hair fly in the wind.

You also do not have to worry about overheating because it has a safeguard for that, which means it will automatically stop any electric currents when it senses that there is a problem. Now, that is handy because as most of you might know, floor fans tend to run on the hot side, and you really have to keep an eye on it. With this fan, that is unnecessary.

However, its biggest problem is its construction as some parts easily fall or break off due to them not being entirely made of metal. This might pose a problem in terms of using this fan for long periods of time.

Comparison with the Deco Breeze Floor Fan

It has the same design as the Lasko 22264QM, but it only comes in two colors which are black and stainless steel. Its main difference from the one from Lasko is that most of its parts are made of metal.

Therefore, you can really ensure the durability of the fan even after extended use. Just like the one from Lasko, its airflow is also industrial grade, so expect a strong gust of wind that might knock you out of your breath. As for its controls, they are located at the back, and you also have to turn a knob.

In relation to this, it also has three fan speed settings. Another huge difference from the one from Lasko is the fact that this floor fan came equipped with less noise technology. This was made possible by how the base will pivot by itself to resist any heavy vibrations.


The Lasko 22264QM can be the most powerful floor fan in the market, but it is not one of the great ones. The one from Deco Breeze is actually better than it because it is perfectly balanced. When it comes to choosing a floor fan, yes, you should go for power, but you should also consider finesse.

If a floor fan has that quality, then it is definitely a better one, because come on, who does not want a quieter floor fan? We know we do. Moving forward, the one from Lasko is still a great pick if your primary concern is power. It will not let you down, and it will flawlessly cool down a room in such a short time.

The only catch is, you should be able to withstand the noise that it produces. Nonetheless, it has great safety features that cannot be ignored, so as long as you don’t use it at night or inside your bedroom or study room, then, this is a great choice.

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