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How to Create a Mist fan?

do it yourself mister

No matter where you live in the world, chances are you might experience the wrath of an extreme summer heat at some point. So, if you live in areas such as the desert valleys of Arizona or California, where temperatures can exceed 100-degree Fahrenheit, anything that cools you off is a welcome thing. What is […]

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What are the Types of Mister Cooling Fans?

Misting Fan Palm

Summertime is perhaps the best time of year to relax under the sun, get that tan you’ve been wanting to brag about and fire up the grill. However, the summer heat can be a bit unfriendly and unbearable at times, causing you to spend more time indoors than outdoors. Summertime can also cause discomfort in […]

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What is a Misting Fan?

Misting Fan Wood

  Summer can be a whole lot of fun, but on the downside can bring about a wave of excruciating heat. These unbearable temperatures aren’t just uncomfortable to get caught up in, but can be downright dangerous. In fact, records indicate that several people have lost their lives due to summer illnesses, most commonly heat […]

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