Best air conditioner of 2021 – Complete Reviews with Comparison

When the temperatures rise, for those who like to keep cool in the summer months, air conditioners can really help remove any unwanted heat and make your home much more comfortable. Having the correct air conditioner is important, and knowing which one is best for you will greatly help you when it comes to making a purchase.

Some air conditioners are best for cooling small rooms while others are better for cooling entire homes. Some are portable and can even include dehumidifiers. Therefore, it is really important to do a little research beforehand in order to make sure you are finding a product that suits your unique situation.

With so many air conditioners out there, how can one possibly know which is best? In this article we have narrowed down the top best air conditioners on the market, comparing them and sharing their highlights as well as some positives and negatives. We have also included a little information on their specifics and further added some how-to’s, which should hopefully help you to make the right purchase!

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Best air conditioners Reviews

In this article, we look at the five best air conditioners available on the market, which are as follows:

Frigidaire Window Mounted Air Conditioner

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This air conditioner by Frigidaire is a 1 unit 6,000 BTU mini-compact air conditioner which can easily be mounted onto a window sill. This is a fantastic little air conditioner that doesn’t take up too much room and can help cool down a 250sq ft room.

Product Highlights

This is an air conditioner with energy efficient design, meaning it is a better product for the environment, as it doesn’t use up too much energy. It also features mechanical rotary controls as well as 2 way air direction controls, cool speeds, and fan speeds.

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What I like

Unlike most air conditioners, this one is fairly silent and has a quiet operation, meaning it doesn’t produce too much noise which is one of its top selling points. Another good thing about this unit is how easy it is to set up in around 2 minutes! It is also a compact size meaning that it can easily be set up on a window sill and easily removed for storage during the winter months.

What I don’t like

The air conditioner does not come with a thermostat with specific Fahrenheit degree readings, and instead is a dial with a range of 1 to 7. Those who may prefer a more accurate dial for the temperature reading can always purchase a plug in thermostat which should help with this.


  • Lightweight
  • Quiet operation


  • No Fahrenheit specifics
  • Some customers say cold air feature is lacking

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HomeLabs Window Mounted Air Conditioner

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This is a great room air conditioner with some good specs. Thanks to its installation kid, the HomeLabs air conditioner is one which can easily be fitted to a window.

Product Highlights

In just 15 minutes, this air conditioner can cool down any small room! It is very powerful for its size and is sure to help you out during those warm summer months. This well-built air conditioner is made with strong materials and is therefore very sturdy and not cheaply made.

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What I like

The best aspect of the HomeLabs A/C has to be its high level of performance. Many customers have praised its strength, the fantastic cool air function, as well as its simplicity overall. It is also an energy efficient product which means you can save a little on your electric bills once in a while when using it! In addition, it’s not too loud which is another positive aspect of this product, with many customers saying its perfect to keep in the bedroom.

What I don’t like

Some customers have experienced problems with this air conditioner’s cooling feature, stating on more than one occasion that it only blows air while failing to cool as expected. A few customers have also stated that the unit did not work after a few weeks into ownership.


  • Lightweight & compact
  • Strong design
  • Quiet


  • Some issues with fan not long into ownership

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LG Window Mounted Air Conditioner

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This lightweight window mounted air conditioner is created by LG, and features 4-Way Air direction, making for a very powerful air conditioner!

Product Highlights

With 3 cooling and fan speeds, this little air conditioner is perfect for cooling you down when you need it! It features a 4-way air direction which helps to equally distribute cool air freely around a room rather than all in the same position, which allows for a quicker cooling time. It is the perfect air conditioner for rooms up to 340 square feet.

It also features a remote control which allows for more laidback use, and making it easier for the owner to change temperature and speed from the comfort of their own seat at the click of a button.

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What I like

This air conditioner has a nice design featuring a gold fin anti-corrosion coating which gives it a more modern aspect, unlike the large, older and chunkier air conditioners that are ugly to look at. This one would look nice even kept on the window sill or in the bedroom without ruining the overall look of the room.

This LG features an energy saving function, as well as a 24-hour on/off function which will help you to save a lot more! This unit also comes with a 1 year warranty, making it possible to send back if you’re not pleased with it.

What I don’t like

There have been a couple of cases in which customers experienced fan blades broken upon arrival from issues during shipping, as well as some breakages not long into ownership. There have also been some issues with the fans blowing ‘cool’ air, rather than ‘cold’ air. Taking various temperatures and humidity levels into consideration, this could vary among customers, and may only be worse in warmer climates.


  • Nice design
  • Remote controlled
  • Energy saving


  • In some cases item has arrived with breakages, or with some breakages occurring within short time of purchasing.

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Buyers’ Guide

Some key features are important to consider when looking into purchasing a new air conditioner, such as:

  1. Air conditioner Types

When it comes to the different types of air conditioners, there are 6 main systems to choose from.

Central Air conditioning

The most common type of cooling system is the central air conditioner as it can usually cool down larger spaces, and therefore is preferred for larger homes and offices due to its high cooling ability!

Window Air conditioners

Just as the name suggests, these conditioners are fixed onto window sills, and are generally preferred for cooling down single rooms. These work by emitting the warm air out the back of them and blowing cool air inwards to the room. These are also known as a “unitary unit,” as they are compact and cool down smaller areas.

Portable Air conditioners

Portable air conditioners are pretty much like window air conditioners, in that they are designed to cool down one room only. They work by taking in air from the room and cooling it down, and then direct it back into the room. The system vents warm air outside through an exhaust hose installed into the window. Some portable air conditioners also dehumidify and can include sprays to increase the cooling sensation, especially when used for personal use.

Ductless mini-split Air conditioners

This unit is one which can be present in many rooms all connected to one single compressor/condenser, which is fitted outside. Unlike central air conditioning, the ductless air conditioners can include as many as four indoor handling units in each individual room, each with their own thermostat. This allows for more precise cooling in certain rooms and areas of the house rather than all over, and helps to save energy as well as money in the long run.

Hybrid Air conditioners

Similar to Hybrid cars, hybrid air conditioners alternate between using fossil fuels and electricity to run. This system therefore chooses between both in order to save money and energy overall, allowing the user to avoid rising energy prices altogether.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling system

A geothermal system is one that is natural and sustainable. The technology uses the heat from the ground to heat up homes, and similarly removes heat and distributes it back into the ground. This is done by using a geothermal coil which is installed deep in the ground.

  1. Horse Power

Another thing to consider when purchasing an air conditioner is the horse power. After all, you want to make sure your air conditioning system does the job well after taking time to install it.

Horsepower is often used to measure engine power under imperial weights and measure systems.

When referring to air conditioning, horsepower usually refers to the rotational power of the electric motor that drives the unit’s compressor. However, the horsepower alone does not really say much about the overall efficiency of the compressor or any other components in the cooling circuit. Therefore, using KW is usually a better measure, and HP is converted into this for a more accurate understanding of the air conditioner’s overall power.

  1. Energy Efficiency Rating

Efficient energy rating refers to units that aim to reduce the amount of energy consumed.  An air conditioner’s efficiency is therefore measured by the energy efficiency ratio (EER). This is the ratio of the cooling capacity (in British thermal units [Btu] per hour) to the power input (in watts). The higher the EER rating is, then the more efficient the air conditioner.

  1. Air conditioner controls

Air conditioners come with a set of controls. These can include thermostat features and degrees Fahrenheit, and come with a remote control so you can easily change the temperature of any room. They include heating and cooling options, as well as a range of different fan speeds, meaning you can make drastic changes to a room in as little as 5 minutes.

  1. Air conditioner timers

Many air conditioners include timers which are used to program exactly when they should power on and off and for how long. These are useful particularly when leaving home for a certain period of time, so that you can save energy and only use the air conditioner when absolutely necessary. Nowadays, it is also possible to find apps which connect to your air conditioner’s system, so you can pre-programme the timer even when you’re not at home!

Best air conditioners FAQ

Now we take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to air conditioning systems – making it easier for you to understand everything you need to know about air conditioners.

  1. How to install window ac unit?

Installing a window A/C unit is very simple. It requires aligning a rail onto the unit as well as 2 side panels. With two people gently fixing it into the window frame and locking it securely in place with screws, it can easily be done in no time! This video shows exactly how the process is done.


  1. How to clean window ac unit?

Most air conditioners include a filter which can be taken out and sprayed clean using a little vinegar water or cleaner. To clean the whole unit, the owner needs to carefully remove the screws to take it apart.

Once you have all of the covers off you can get to the dirt which has remained inside. Cleaning all of this and removing it will help to clean your A/C and extend its life. The cleaner it is kept, the longer it will last! This video shows how to clean a window A/C unit perfectly!


  1. How to vent a portable air conditioner without a window?

Rather than using a window with the more traditional window A/C, using a portable A/C is also a possibility! Portable air conditioners come with a vent hose and can be fixed through a wall. In the event that they do not come with a vent hose then not to worry, you can easily find some cheap items from the local DIY store that will allow you to create a similar and inexpensive alternative, as seen in this handy video:


  1. How does a window air conditioner work?

Window air conditioners are installed in an open window. The interior air is cooled by the fan which blows it over the evaporator. On the exterior, the heat drawn from the interior is blown into the environment as a second fan blows outside air over the condenser.

  1. How to drain portable air conditioner?

With portable air conditioners, it is very important to drain them as water often collects in the A/C as air cools and excess water is stored. This video shows exactly how to drain a portable air conditioner the right way.


To conclude, we believe from the products mentioned, the best air conditioner is the Window Mounted Air Conditioner by HomeLabs as it boasts an excellent, high level of performance, which when buying an air conditioner is something you definitely require.

Many customers have continued to praise its overall strength as well as its cool air feature. The fact that it is also an energy efficient product means money on electric bills can be saved, which is another bonus of this unit. It is also a quiet air conditioner, which is certainly a good point!

If you are looking for an air conditioner that will do a little more than this, then the second best option would probably be the Frigidaire Window mounted mini compact air conditioner. This one is perfect for cooling down smaller rooms and is a cheaper option in comparison with the best HomeLabs A/C.

So there you have it, a full, informative article on various types of air conditioner systems and their unique features. Hopefully this will make it easier for you and ease the stress when it comes to making your next A/C purchase!

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