How to Make a Box Fan Quieter?

Box fans are useful and all, but they sure do make your room sound like an engine of an airplane. Some models can even rouse you from your sleep as it warms up since the noise will get louder. That is why the question “How to make a box fan quieter?” usually pops up in the mind of most people who have these products.

The good thing is there are some ways around this problem but do take note though that there is no permanent fix on how to make them quiet because they were really made to give out some noise. This can be brought about by the combination of the wiring and materials, or it can be some external factors.

With that said, we will discuss how to make box fans quieter and what a box fan is so that you will have an idea why they tend to run noisily. Also, we are going to give you tips on how to use your box fans properly so that it will not run so loud.

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What Is a Box Fan?

A box fan is a product that is made to be moved from one room to another. However, they can also be placed permanently through a wall or an enclosure. Most designs have a plastic latticework at the front or a grille made of steel. These products also come in different shapes such as oblong, rectangle, square, and circle.

The design of a box fan makes it easier for the air to pass through it and into the room. This feature is important because it is related to the primary purpose of a box fan. Usually, box fans are used for better air circulation for small spaces, and a lot of people prefer them because they just work with the current temperature of the air.

This means that for those people who are sensitive to cold air, just like the one produced by a central air conditioning unit, a box fan is a better choice because it can still circulate air within the room, but the temperature is maintained at its current state. Not only can they be placed through a wall, they can also be put near windows.

The purpose behind this is to get rid of stagnant air. More than this, it can also be used to get rid of odors, dust, and smoke.

What Are the Reasons Behind the Noise?

There are actually two reasons as to why box fans are so noisy, but for the benefit of really taking a look at this topic, we are going to add a third reason.

1. How the Blades Are Attached

Generally, the blades of a box fan are directly attached to a small motor. With that set up in mind, the vibration can really be tough on its interior when there is rapid movement because the small motor cannot really control the blades. The noise that you hear is actually uncontrolled vibration.

2. Dirty

As we have discussed before, a box fan can also help prevent dust and dirt from getting into a room. With that purpose, you might think and ask, “Where do those dust and dirt go?”

Generally, they get stuck within the fan; in fact, box fans are notorious for dust build up, and they can be filled with such within just about two weeks of use. So, it gets noisier because the motor is having a hard time to function due to dust accumulation.

3. Loose Parts or Broken Unit

A box fan will produce noise when there is a loose part or if it is broken altogether. You might see that the blades are spinning, but that does not mean that the internal motor is functioning correctly. For this problem, you should really consult a professional.

How to Make a Box Fan Quieter: The Recommended Procedure

Of all the reasons that we have mentioned earlier, there is only one cause of noise that you can do a quick fix. That cause is the box fan being dirty. So, here are the recommended steps on how to deal with that:

  1. Gather your tools such as a screwdriver, paper towel, a dusting brush, all-purpose cleaner or degreaser, a fingernail brush, a sponge, and steel wool.
  2. Remove the front grilles and remember to store the screws in a safe place.
  3. Brush the motor with a dusting brush.
  4. Wash the blades individually and use a chemical cleaner to make sure that the dirt will slide off the blade.
  5. Clean the fan grilles. You can wet them to make sure that they are completely cleaned.
  6. Put back all the removed parts and give it one last wipe using a dry cloth.
  7. Turn it on and check if the blades are spinning right.

Tips for Using a Box Fan

  • Apart from cleaning the box fan, here are some quick ways on how to make a box fan quieter:
  • Turn it off when not in use, so it will not accumulate too much dirt.
  • Always give the motor a quick clean.
  • If the noise persists after cleaning, loosen the grilles a bit to provide a bit of space for the blades.
  • Check if it needs oiling
  • Put it in a place where its back is too close to a surface.

Final Words

As disappointing as it can be that you can only solve one cause and do regular maintenance for your box fan to function with less noise, it is still a huge help. With that said, for the other reasons, you just have to live with that noise or to consult a professional. Do keep in mind that if your fan is entirely broken, do not attempt to fix it yourself as this is very risky and dangerous.

Moreover, keeping an eye on how your box fan functions also help with its proper maintenance. As we have said before, they do get dirty quickly, so you really have to put in work for it to function at its best.

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  1. When I clean my box fan it makes it louder because it runs properly again without the dust hindering the motor? I respectfully disagree with your advice here.

  2. Some box fans have a circular grille that can rotate to cool a wider area. This grille is driven by a synchronous motor that can start to vibrate and produce an unacceptable amount of noise. I wonder if anything can be done about this (I live with someone who insists that any such grille must always rotate when the fan is on).

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