What is the Best Misting Fan?

Summertime is perhaps the best time of year to relax under the sun’s golden rays, fire up the BBQ, and spend quality time with family and pets. However, things can get a bit uncomfortable when the weather is sweltering outside, and a conventional table or pedestal fan provides little or no relief.

A misting fan basically gives you the best of both worlds – the powerful breeze from a conventional fan and mist to keep you and the surrounding temperatures cool. Buying the best misting fan however can be a tricky task, given the myriad options available. But, don’t break a sweat just yet, because we’ve narrowed down on 5 best misting fans to keep you cool and comfortable on unfriendly summer days.

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Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

Lasko is an American made company that started off as a small shop in scenic Pennsylvania in the early 1900’s. It offers an extensive lineup fans – small, big and everything in between, and distributed to them to several tips of the globe. The Lasko 7050 Misto fan is in a league of its own, owing mostly to its onsite powerful blower and pivoting heads.

It measures 16.2 x 12.3 x 14.8 inches, weighs 16.7 lbs, and is engineered to reduce air temperature by an impressive 25 degrees. Adding to this, the Lasko 7050 Misto misting fan can be setup outdoors, and is weather, UV, rust resistant to protect it from harsh weather elements, and is fitted with an in-line GFCI with 3-prong grounded plug.

The 7050 Misto misting fan from Lasko features a sleek and compart footprint yet has a lot going on under its hood, starting with its pivoting head, which allows you to direct the air where you need it. Additionally, it provides a rather wide pivoting angle, so you aim the air in any direction – up, down, sideways, making it an ideal choice to set on the porch, patio or new a picnic table.

The speed of the Lasko 7050 Misto misting fan can be adjusted between three refreshing levels – low, medium and high, allowing you to achieve the level of air and mist power for your needs. it can be hooked up easily with your outdoor hose and water supply, and is equipped with a rather long 72 inch electric cord.

And this is not just any conventional power cord, but is embedded with a ground fault circuit interrupter, which shuts off the electric power to the fan in the event of a ground-fault. The 7050 Misto misting fan by Lasko is fitted with a 16 inch fan, which provides the right amount of cool air for you and those around you. To top things off, it is backed by a 1-year warranty to protect you in case of any manufacturer defects.


  • Weather, UV and rust resistant
  • Can be connected with outdoor water supply
  • Three variable speeds
  • 72 inch power cord with 3-prong grounded plug
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Reduces air temperature up to 25 degrees


  • Not suitable for indoor use
  • Does not come with water hose

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Newair AF-600 Misting Fan

NewAir was founded approximately 15 years ago, and started shop with portable air conditioners and evaporative coolers. The company has since expanded their product portfolio to include wine and beverage coolers and a wide range of compact appliances. The Newair AF-600 comes in at the #3 position on this list of best misting fans owing to its long list of innovative features.

For starters, this pedestal design misting fan from NewAir can be ordered in a choice of two different models to suit different sized spaces – 500 square feet and 600 square feet. Further, it boasts a durable construction, so it won’t tip over easily, and is appointed with push button controls for easy operation.

The Newair AF-600 misting fan is designed for outdoor spaces, and can be used as a dry or misting fan. Adding to this, it weighs just 16 lbs, making it easy to move around on the patio, and features three different speed options to help you enjoy the level of air you desire.

This pedestal misting fan from the New Air stable is equipped with an oscillating fan head for broader coverage area, making it a great choice for large gatherings. These premium features can be turned on and off on the fly with the integrated pull chain switch and integrated knob.

The Newair AF-600 misting fan can be connected with a standard 0.75 inch garden hose, and features adjustable height to move it higher or lower. In terms of safety, the Newair AF-600 misting fan doesn’t fall short with an inbuilt leakage protection device that shuts the fan off automatically in case of a water leak, and a GFCI plug that’s connected with a standard 120 volt three prong outlet.

The Newair AF-600 misting fan offers a 2400 cfm airflow capacity, and features an appealing black finish to compliment your outdoor décor. It is backed by a leading 1-year manufacturer warranty, so you can rest assured it will serve you well for many years to come.


  • Oscillation function
  • Three speed settings
  • Adjustable height
  • 1-year warranty
  • Can be connected with 0.75 inch garden hose


  • Lacks onsite water tank
  • Not designed for indoor use

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Final thoughts

If you’re looking for the best misting fan, it’s hard to beat any of the products mentioned on this list. The NewAir misting fan is the next best model on this list, most notably for its push button controls, oscillation functionality, and durable elements. Adding to this, it serves well for a wide 500 square feet area, and can be used as a conventional fan or misting fan. Both models are safe to use and feature variable speed settings to help you get the right level of air for your needs.

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