What does a white noise machine sound like?

If you are interested in finding new methods of relaxation, or better ways to sleep at night, then you have probably come across white noise machines at some point. These are machines which are specifically designed to help induce a sense of relaxation, and improve your overall quality of sleep. As well as this, they help mask any unwanted and disturbing sounds, which help to improve concentration and boost productivity levels.

Not only are white noise machines good for helping adults sleep better, but they are also perfect for soothing young infants to sleep. But how exactly do they do this? And what do they sound like?

If you are eager to find out, then no look no further as we cover all that and more in this article. Once you discover all the nice, calming sounds a white noise machine provides, perhaps you will soon be purchasing one for yourself. So let’s look in more detail what does a white noise machine sound like.

White noise

To begin, we will start with the white noise sound itself. White noise sounds a bit like a monotone, hissing sound. It is a continuous sound made up of all the frequencies that a human ear can hear in equal amounts. It can be said to be similar to a fan, or radio and television static, only not as high pitched and a lot softer. So softer in fact, that it puts people to sleep!

It does this as it is played in continuous loops so that the mind has something to focus on as it nods off, leaving the person to fall nicely into a deep sleep. In the case of not using one to sleep, then the sound can also give the mind something to focus on while working or studying, rather than listening to music or people around, which can badly distract us from our activities.

White noise Machines

White noise machines are devices which provide us with these unique sounds and frequencies, and have become a lot more popular over the past few decades. This is due to the increase in stress and rising insomnia levels. These machines are rather compact in size, and usually portable, meaning they can be taken almost anywhere. Some include a headphone jack which even allows the chance to listen to relaxing, soothing sounds on the go.

White noise machines generally come with a range of different sounds as well as white noise itself. This is to give the user a better selection of noises to play and which can be better suited to their mood at the time.

So what exactly do white noise machines sound like? Below we cover the main sounds which are commonly found in a white noise machine.

Multiple White Noise Frequencies

White noise machines, of course, include the classic white noise, but also in a variety of different frequencies. This can include pink noise and brown noise, which are just variations of white noise with reduced higher frequencies. Each different sound will have a different effect on a person depending on their individual hearing levels. For the majority however, it is definitely a soothing sound to hear.

Soothing Fan Sounds

Another sound which many people claim to find relaxing is that of a fan. Perhaps you hear it all summer long keeping you cool and during those warm nights, then in winter it’s back to complete silence. Due to so many people enjoying the sound of a fan, it too has been included in many white noise machines and is just as popular to sleep with.


One of the obvious sounds which many people like to hear is rainfall. This is because it is a very powerful sounds which creates a calm, peaceful feeling and helps induce a relaxing atmosphere – especially when you are indoors! It is also effective as its a sound from nature which is original and therefore it works well as a background noise.


This sound is also present in white noise machines, and although some may think it would be a distracting noise, it can actually be quite therapeutic. This is again because it is a direct sound of nature, and anything that relates to nature can definitely increase our levels of calm.


Lullabies are found in some white noise machines, which of course can be appreciated by all the parents out there. This means that not only can you use it to help yourself get a better night’s rest, but also your little one. Babies are said to sleep a lot better after being in contact with smooth music, and it is more likely that they will sleep better for the whole night, hopefully without waking up every hour!

Beach Waves

One of the favorite sounds featured in many white noise machines is waves. Beaches are symbolic of vacations, sun, sea and relaxing, and often where many people go to take a break. Therefore, having the sounds of waves is always a trigger for relaxation, and playing this in your home can take you back to your favorite beach in seconds.


Sounds of nature are always very peaceful and help us to feel calmer overall. The song of a bird can especially remind us of springtime, and is another sound which is available on many white noise machines.

To conclude, it is clear that white noise machines definitely provide us with many pleasant and relaxing sounds. The good thing is that when using your white noise machine you can change them to suit your exact mood and environment, whether you are going to sleep, studying for an exam, having a dinner party or even to soothe your little one to sleep, with a white noise machine you are always guaranteed a nice sound to listen to.

We hope that this article has given you a better idea of just exactly what a white noise machine sounds like, and which type of sounds you would like to look for in your new white noise machine!

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