Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner Review

Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner: 



Value For Money



What I We Like

  • Natural white noise
  • Tone and volume is fully adjustable
  • Soothing sound

What We Don't Like

  • No sleep timer
  • May not be loud enough
  • Few sound choices

There are a lot of reasons why you might not easily be able to either drop off to sleep or stay asleep throughout the night, but one thing we all know for sure, not getting enough of the right quality or quantity of sleep is quite literally a living nightmare!

Whether you experience a lot of background noise on account of neighbors, dogs are barking at every single noise outside, or perhaps you live close to a road that is continually heaving with traffic, these external factors can all play havoc with your sleep patterns.

Perhaps you have a newborn in the house who you’re struggling to get into a regular sleep pattern, or a toddler going through their terrible two’s who’s suddenly decided that playing is far more fun than sleeping.

We’ve all been there, and it’s frustrating, to say the least, but can ultimately also be detrimental to your overall physical and mental well-being. Never ever underestimate the recuperative and restorative benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Maybe it’s not even sleep that you are struggling with. Perhaps you are studying for a new home course that requires your deep concentration, or you might also work in a hectic and loud office where the constant chitter chatter of your colleagues is a constant distraction and annoyance?

If any of the above sounds like you, then you need a solution that can deliver peace and tranquility and drown out those external distractions. That’s precisely where a sound conditioner, also commonly known as a white noise machine, comes in.

Of course, we appreciate that choosing one isn’t necessarily going to be an easy task and it might depend upon which of the above is your primary concern and reason for needing one.

If you have a baby, you’ll be looking for melodic lullabies, whereas if it's for yourself, perhaps just a general, distracting white noise will suffice. So up next we’re reviewing the Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner to see if it’s fit for the task of lulling you into a dreamlike state!

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Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner Review

The Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner isn’t as all singing and dancing, as some of the machines around but what it does very effectively do is generate white noise, and white noise has been proven to help many people around the world fall asleep more effortlessly as well as help students and workers concentrate more diligently. The Sleep Easy masks out background noise by making a sound that is similar to air moving or the sound sensation of a gentle fan blowing.

That’s it. No gimmicks. Just pure, hypnotic and sleep-inducing white noise. The tone and volume are fully adjustable, but you don’t get 12 different bird calls to choose from or re-enactments from a night spent under the stars in a rainforest.

You simply plug it in, there’s no timer to worry about, and you can leave it on all night long. It doesn’t run on batteries, so it’s not the best portable solution, especially if you are intending on traveling overseas, but it runs on your main power supply and is a safe, convenient, reliable and no-nonsense solution to sleep problems.

Who is this product for?

Anyone who is at all concerned with quality and quantity of their sleep will benefit from the Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner, especially those who find it difficult to fall asleep in the first place because of excessive background and environmental distractions in their vicinity.

It’s also an excellent solution for students looking to increase their levels of concentration or shift workers whose patterns of sleep have become out of sync and who might need to catch their main sleep at a nosier time of the day.

What’s included? 

You get the simple white domed Sleep Easy machine which plugs into a power socket. It has a tone and volume switch that is fully adjustable and creates white noise via an electric motor rather than digitally. It’s simple and effective.

Overview of key features:

Affordable and easy to operate

It’s a no-nonsense and no-frills approach to sleep and relaxation problems presenting a simple plug and play, on/off solution.

Fully adjustable

The tone and the volume can be easily adjusted to select the optimum level for you.

Natural white noise

It creates natural white noise via an electric motor which is similar to the sound of air moving or a fan gently blowing.

Small and unobtrusive, compact design

It has a small footprint at just 2.3” x 6.3” x 6.4” and can discreetly fit on the side of a bedroom cabinet or nightstand.


If you like the domed design of the Sleep Easy but want to invest more of your budget on a classic white noise machine, then you really can’t go wrong with the MarpacDhom, which is a leader in its category.

It features its own Signature Sound which mimics the effect of rushing air without the physical disturbance of moving air. Again, it features the full flexibility to control the tone and volume so that they match your environment and your own relaxation requirements.


The Sleep Easy is a no-frills solution to a lot of common problems associated with a lack of sleep and general inability to tune out and chill out! Whether you live in a small apartment on a noisy road that is subjected to heavy traffic, have loud neighbors in close proximity, or are just a very light sleeper, this could offer a cost-effective and simple solution.

It emits just the one white noise, but the tone and volume of that are fully adjustable so that you can control it to match your personal requirements and your environment. It’s also an excellent option for anyone who needs to work in a focused, and concentrated manner so is great for anyone studying for exams that needs to be alert during the day but sleep well at night.

It’s very much in the Classic and original White Noise machine style, and for some of you, that’s really all that you need. What’s the point after all in having access to a whole range of soundscapes when you only ever end up listening to the one. With the Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner, you really have nothing to think about, just how much you are going to enjoy the great night’s sleep that it helps to deliver.

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