Palermo Sound Sleep White Noise Machine Review


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Palermo Sound Sleep White Noise Machine

Struggling with sleep is no joke and can lead to significant mental and physical repercussions as well as behavioral problems in both children and adults. A newborn baby needs as much as 18 hours of sleep a day and an adult should be aiming for 8 hours on a regular basis.

For one reason or another, you might find that’s just not achievable. You may have a restless baby who regularly wakes up throughout the day and night which in turn could disrupt the rest of the household’s sleep patterns. It’s a knock-on effect so working out the source of the sleep problem and finding a way to fix it is important.

Something like a white noise machine could be a real solution for you and your baby. Most of these types of sleep devices will be equipped with a wide range of melodic and soothing sounds as well as additional lullabies. So whether you need to get some sleep or your baby does, investing in a noise canceling device could be the answer to all your prayers.

We appreciate that there is so much choice out there that it can be difficult even to know where to get started, so today we are looking at a fantastic recommendation from Palermo. We’ll be reviewing their Baby White Noise Sound Machine to see if it’s a viable option for inducing a good night’s sleep for you and your kids.

Palermo Sound Sleep White Noise Machine Review

Palermo understands the importance of sleep and relaxation and also appreciates that it can be frustrating if you have a child who regularly wakes up during the night who you might successfully settle, only to then not be able to get back to sleep yourself.

It can be a double whammy, and there is nothing more frustrating than a lack of quality sleep. Or, you might live in a noisy neighborhood, on the main road with lots of traffic, or have a troublesome dog in the vicinity that barks the whole night through.

Whatever the cause of the environmental distraction, it could be time for you to invest in a natural solution to a good night’s sleep and that’s where this Palermo noise canceling device could very much come to your rescue.

It’s packed with features and benefits to help aid a more restful and restorative night’s sleep and promises to lull you to sleep as well as help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. If that sounds like music to your ears, then read on!

It does all of that by blocking out external noises to create a peaceful environment and replacing those distractions with more soothing sounds that you control within your own sleeping environment. In the case of the Palermo Sleep Machine, that involves the choice of 10 different soothing sounds that can be put onto one of their two programmable timer settings.

All you need to decide is which restful sound you prefer to drift off to. A gentle babbling brook, the sound of birds chirping, ocean waves, the distant rumbling of thunder, or even the calming sound of rainfall.

We all have that perfect sound that we connect to that can take us to our quiet and relaxed place. Whether you want to go to sleep or just enter a more meditative state, a white noise machine can help.

Perhaps you work in a noisy office environment and need to drown out the chatter ofcolleagues to focus on your latest project? With the choice of different ambient sounds that the Palermo delivers, you can block out the distracting background noises and replace them with something more relaxing.

Who is this product for?

The Palermo Noise Sound Machine is for anyone looking to improve the quality and quantity of their current sleep patterns or who needs to drown out general extraneous noise and chatter to be able to focus more keenly or enjoy a more relaxed and meditative state.

With its two specific lullabies created especially for infants and babies, it’s also an excellent solution for any household that has newborns or toddlers struggling to either fall asleep or who might still be waking up regularly. This makes an excellent product for anyone want to sleep, relax or just enjoy some soothing sound therapy.

What’s included? 

You get the discreet, lightweight and portable Palermo machine with Dual power AC/DC adaptor, featuring 10 different sounds, volume control switch, 2 built-in timers as well as Auto-Shut Off function.

Overview of key features:

The Palermo is a premium quality noise cancelling machine that is packed with features that you and your family will appreciate.

Find the right sound for you

There are 10 different soothing soundtracks to choose from including 2 lullabies especially create to soothe infants. The sounds are non-looping and can easily be adjusted with a simple twist of a knob. You can have access to White Noise, Rain, Birds, Brook, Lullaby 1, Lullaby 2, Ocean, Typhoon, Thunder and Brown Noise.

Portable and lightweight and perfect for travel

It’s a sturdy but mobile device that you can take with you on all your trips so that you and your children don’t have to worry about suffering from disrupted sleep patterns away from your regular home environment.

Dual Power Operated

You can use your Palermo plugged into a main power supply or with batteries

Timer Settings

You can nod off to the Palermo or set it to run all night if you know that you frequently wake up. Timer 1 sets your machine for 1 hour and Timer 2 for 2 hours or just leave it running to support you sleeping throughout the entire night.

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